Do You Always Have to File for a Permit Before You Can Get Your Motorcycle Endorsement?

Avid motorcyclists who live in Austin, TX can call on Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency if they have any questions concerning what their insurance covers and what they need to do to get their actual motorcycle endorsement. Just like a young driver who is trying to get their driver’s license, many will need a permit before they can test for the motorcycle endorsement that goes on their license.

Getting Your Permit

The purpose of a permit is to allow you time to get used to your motorcycle and learn to operate it safely on the road. Applying for a permit is much like applying for your driver’s license. You must show a valid ID as well as proof of insurance. Once you’re issued a permit, you must carry it for at least six months. In order to apply for your motorcycle endorsement, your permit must still be valid.

Taking the Driving Test

If you are under the age of 18, you must have had your permit for at least six months prior to applying for your motorcycle endorsement. This doesn’t mean that everyone who is over the age of 18 must apply for a permit. If you have held a motorcycle endorsement in the past or if you’ve moved from another state, you don’t have to apply for a permit a second time.

The agents at Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency offer their services to residents who live in the Austin, TX area. Call and schedule an appointment today if you have questions about your motorcycle insurance or when you can apply for your endorsement. They have the answers you need!