Getting Auto Insurance for Your Teenager

Adding a teenager to your auto insurance policy in Dripping Springs, TX can cause auto insurance rates to rise, but you can control these increases with some tips. You have to insure your teen driver and you need to let your agent at Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency know when your teen gets his or her learner’s permit, but they typically aren’t added until they are licensed. The reasons why teens are so expensive to insure is they are typically the most dangerous drivers on the road.

Have Your Teen Drive a Cheaper Car: If your household has multiple cars, then having your teen assigned to the cheapest to insure will help you save money. Vehicles with lower insurance losses will usually have lower insurance rates and provide more protection for your teen. You can use the IIHS website to determine the best cars for teen drivers.

Encourage Good Grades: Many insurance companies will offer good student discounts, so encourage your teen to have at least a B average if they want to be able to drive.

Look for Other Discounts: Other insurance companies will offer discounts if your teen will complete a driver’s education course and you may be able to save money by bundling other insurance policies, such as home and life insurance. You may also get a discount if you install a monitoring device in the car that can alert you if the teen is doing something they aren’t supposed to be doing, like speeding or not using their seat belt.

If your teenager is going to be heading off to college more than 100 miles from home and won’t have a car, you can get a break on insurance because he or she isn’t going to be regularly operating the car, but they are still able to drive when home on breaks.

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Things You Should Do Before Filing an Auto Insurance Claim

If you get into an auto accident in Austin, TX and need to file a claim, there are a few things you should know before filing.

First, locate your insurance policy and review it. Many times, you have gotten auto insurance and have forgotten about it, so you need to review it. Figure out how much your deductible is. You also need to figure out how long you have to file a claim.

Then estimate the amount of damage and decide if filing a claim is worth it. Your damage estimate should be free and you may be required to get multiple estimates by your insurance company. By having an estimate, you can determine if filing a claim is in your best interest. If the repair costs are going to be within your deductible, then you shouldn’t have to file a claim.

If someone was injured in the auto accident in Austin, TX, you need to file a claim no matter how much the damage is and if you can afford it without insurance. No matter how minor the injury may be, the injured can still come back and sue you later within the time limits. If you didn’t report the claim, then the insurance company can refuse to defend you and deny any payment. It can be expensive to defend yourself in court, so you don’t want to make this mistake.

When you are ready to file the claim, you need to call your insurance agent at Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency and have the details of the accident. Make sure you write the date damage occurred and have your policy number available. These two items will be needed at the time of filing a claim, so keep it handy.

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Why You Should Increase Your Auto Insurance Deductible

Increasing your auto insurance deductible in Austin, TX may not seem like the smartest idea on the surface but it can have a big benefit that you can enjoy every month. According to Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency, you can save a significant amount on your monthly premium payment by simply increasing your deductible. This can make a big difference to your monthly budget every month.

How Much Can You Save?

Everyone wants to save money where they can but knowing how much you can save can make all the difference in making a change like this. Your deductible is something that you pay out of pocket if you have a claim. This is the amount you will pay before the insurance company will pay anything towards your claim. You may not ever have to pay a deductible and if this turns out to be true, then you are paying more for no reason. If you increase your deductible from $250 to $500, then you can save up to 7 percent. You can save up to 9 percent by increasing your deductible from $500 to $1,000. If you increase it from $500 to $2,000, you can save up to 16 percent. If paying this deductible is something that scares you, you can always put those monthly savings somewhere where you can use them if you ever need to. Once you have this saved away, you will likely end up saving more for your budget than if you were to continue paying more each month for a lower deductible.

This can make a huge difference for your family and if you would like to see how much you can save, Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency, serving Austin, TX, can help by running you some quotes with different deductibles. Contact them today to find out more. 

Spring Break is a Great Time for a Road Trip

Spring break is a great time to take a road trip with the family. By preparing for your trip in advance, you’ll have a more enjoyable, stress-free venture. Make sure your car insurance coverage is up to date by reviewing your policy with Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency in Austin, TX before traveling. Other road trip preparations include:

Car Maintenance

Before hitting the road, have your vehicle thoroughly inspected to reduce the risk of mechanical problems on your travels. Make sure your mechanic checks your tires, brakes, fluids, engine, steering and anything else that can pose a risk to safety while driving.


No family road trip is complete without entertainment for the kids. Be sure to pack books, flash cards, portable travel games, portable electronics, coloring pencils and a few DVDs if you have the facilities to play them. Include healthy snacks that kids can munch on the way as well as a cooler for cold drinks and water.

Clean Up Materials

Riding in a dirty car gets old pretty quickly. For easy cleanup, be sure to pack plenty of paper towels, cleaning wipes and trash bags. You can clean periodically during bathroom breaks or when stopping for picnics at a lake or park.

Emergency Kit

A road-side emergency kit is a must for any long distance traveling. Your kit should include such essentials as flashlight with extra batteries, jumper cables, flares, basic tool kit, motor oil, coolant, tire sealant and blankets. You should also carry a fully stocked first aid kit in your vehicle in case of accidents. An updated GPS system as well as cell phone with extra charger will also come in handy.

The right equipment and adequate car insurance protection from Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency, Austin, TX, will make your family road trip a more enjoyable, stress-free experience. 

What Happens If I Am In An Accident and I Have No Insurance?

It is a federal and state wide requirement that all drivers have at the very least a liability auto insurance policy in place. So what happens when drivers are in an accident and do not have a policy? The repercussions are more severe than you might imagine. If you live in the Austin, TX area do not go uninsured, the agents with Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency can help you find the perfect policy.

The first course of action that is going to occur if you are in a reported accident and you do not have insurance is likely a fine or a ticket that is going to be issued by the responding officer. It is their legal duty to report uninsured drivers, and if you are in an accident with no coverage, you are liable.

The next step is often legal action against the person that does not have insurance. The other driver might choose to sue you for medical costs, deductibles for their policies, or even pain and suffering dependent on how bad the accident is. This is done to help cover the costs that they incur as a result of the accident.

It is important that if you are considering driving with no insurance, you understand that the other driver can sue you for your wages, your property, and large cash settlements that can essentially ruin a person financially. There is no excuse for not having some insurance policy as it is a law and there are now more coverages than you might have ever imagined.

For those that live in or around the Austin, TX area, the agents with Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency can help you find the policy that is going to fit your needs and your budget.  

3 Reasons to Purchase an Auto Insurance Policy Today

Purchasing auto insurance can be a pain. However, it is also vital. For residents of Austin, TX, purchasing a quality auto insurance policy should be of the utmost importance. The following is an overview of three reasons why you should purchase an auto insurance policy today.

It’s the Law

Firstly, no matter where you live in the United States, you are likely expected to maintain auto insurance on your vehicle. For Austin, TX residents, rather than waiting until you are forced to purchase it by the powers that be, buying an auto insurance policy today can save you’re from penalties such as fees and even jail time. 

Protection Against Lawsuits

Moreover, if you are involved in an accident without coverage, you could be on the hook for many thousands, or in extreme cases, millions of dollars. By purchasing your auto insurance policy now, you could be saving yourself some serious cash later. 

Peace of Mind 

Lastly, purchasing a high-quality auto insurance policy gives you peace of mind while on the road. Although accidents happen and are sometimes unavoidable, by maintaining a high-quality auto insurance policy at all times, you are ensuring that you, your passengers, and your vehicle are covered under even the most dismal of circumstances. 

Overall, purchasing a high-quality auto insurance policy is highly important. Let Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency assist you. Simply call, stop by, or email us today to find out how you can begin your policy at once and save. Don’t get caught without quality auto insurance coverage. Call Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency today and take back your most precious possession, your peace of mind! 

Why a Spring Tuneup is Worth Big Savings

When it comes to cars in Austin, TX, the old saying that "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" is absolutely appropriate. The typical cost of a vehicle checkup, oil & filter change, and annual tune-up is literally pennies versus what it would cost to pay for a transmission repair or a blown head gasket. However, simple, tune-up work is avoided repeatedly because many car owners think it’s just a scam to get money for service that doesn’t do anything. That assumption is definitely incorrect.

The point of an annual, Spring tune-up is to professionally check the car or pickup truck for any starting problems, to replace consumable parts with new ones, and to keep the car running at optimum performance. Replacing the consumable materials is important as they get dirty or useless over time by design. Engine lubricants take a beating so that engine parts do not. Filters capture dirt so that grit doesn’t get in between engine parts and cause damage. These items can be ignored but after a couple thousand miles, the effects becomes noticeable.

Cost-wise, as mentioned before, maintenance is cheap compared to serious repair from what the Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency has seen. Additionally, good maintenance helps keep a car in good shape, and that helps avoid accidents due to mechanical failure or temporary glitches. From tires to brakes to engine power, all matter critically when a driver needs to avoid a problem in a few seconds. A spring tune-up specifically goes after these issues to make sure a car has everything in working order, not just what can be seen from the outside.

For drivers in the Austin, TX area who aren’t sure what to look for or where to go for a proper tune-up service, the Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency can help with qualified information. As a car insurance provider their agents are well-informed on how to keep cars maintained properly. Call to find out more.


Does Working as a Pizza Delivery Person Affect Your Auto Insurance Rates?

If you are working as a delivery person, you may not realize that regular auto insurance does not cover you while you are on the job. Here is some information you should know about auto insurance if you are looking into working as a pizza delivery driver, or as a driver for any other type of food delivery service.

The Working For Hire Exclusion

The majority of personal auto insurance policies have an exclusion in them if you are using the car for commercial purposes. This includes working for hire, such as using your car to deliver newspapers, pizzas or for a ride sharing service. If you are in an accident while engaging in one of these services, your policy may exclude the accident because you were engaged in activity that is not covered.

Commercial Driving Insurance

If you are working as a pizza delivery man, or engaging in any other type of business that requires you to drive your vehicle, you will need to get a commercial driving insurance policy for when you use your car for work and a personal insurance auto policy for when you are using your vehicle for personal use. This helps to ensure you are covered at all times when you are driving your vehicle.

Anytime you drive for work, including as a pizza delivery person, your auto insurance needs may change. Give Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency, serving the Austin, TX area, a call if you drive for work. We can ensure your auto insurance policy covers you while you are driving for work and offers the protection you need. Swing by our office or call us to obtain more information or to start pricing out a policy.

Why you need Auto Insurance in Austin, TX

Austin, Texas has become one of the more popular cities in the United States in recent years and there are a ton of great things to do in the city itself. However, one of the biggest issues with Austin is it’s lack of comprehensive public transportation, which means everyone who lives, works in or even visits the city will probably need to drive a vehicle. With this being the case, you will absolutely need to also have an auto insurance policy during your time driving a vehicle in Austin.


Before we get into the reasons why auto insurance is important, there is the basic fact that Texas state law requires people have auto insurance of some kind if they are going to drive a vehicle. So whether you are in Austin or some other part of Texas and driving a car, make sure you have an auto insurance policy or else you could be pulled over and given at least a ticket.


If you happen to be in an accident, you will need auto insurance to not only cover your vehicle’s damage but also any medical bills you or those in your vehicle might incur. These can be minor or serious and your level of auto insurance will usually cover all of these bills initially, at least to a point. This is critical to people’s pocketbooks in many cases, as a car accident shouldn’t leave someone financially destitute in the future.


You will also need your auto insurance to protect other people’s vehicles, property and well-being in the event of an accident that you may have caused. Insurance will pay for all of these things so you don’t have to and also protect you from possible lawsuits associated with the accident in the future. Contact Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency today to learn more.

Is your car protected?

From driving down an open road in your car to simply getting to work in your vehicle, there is nothing like having piece of mind that your car is protected in case of an unforeseen emergency or accident. Our independent agents at Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency understand that car accidents can happen at any time and can completely devastate your livelihood. Even when you are driving and following the rules of the road perfectly, you can still be subject to a car accident and you want to be protected by the right auto insurance. 

Our independent agents at Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency understand that auto insurance is incredibly important and that driving around without it can have a terrible impact on you and your car. If you are the cause of an accident, it is up to you to cover the costs of the other person’s car, medical expenses, and any other impact resulting from the accident. The time to think about auto insurance and if you are covered is not when you are in accident or emergency. There are various types of auto insurances available for you to choose from including liability insurance, collision insurance, comprehensive insurance, personal injury protection, and many more. It can be difficult to navigate the types of auto insurance options out there but our independent agents at Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency will gladly walk through each insurance options to find the right plan for you and your budget. 

What are you waiting for? Come down to our office today or give us a call to set up an appointment to talk to one of our independent agents about the right insurance for you, your budget, and your car.