Do I need life insurance after I retire

For most people retiring is something that is looked forward to for years. In many cases, an employer provides a life insurance policy that you are allowed to continue and pay for yourself after you end your employment with them. You may have carried your own life insurance to add additional coverage to your dependents. Your income may change when you retire and you are probably wondering if you need to maintain the life insurance that you had when your family was young and you were the main provider. If you live in  Dripping Springs, TX you can feel comfortable bringing your questions to the helpful agents at Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency. 

Your life insurance needs change over your lifetime. When you are younger you need to carry much more life insurance since you have dependents to worry about if you should pass away. By the time you are ready to retire, likely all your children have grown up and moved away and it may be just you and your spouse. In some cases, you may have a dependent child who will always be dependent and in that case provisions for their care need to be made. But in general, you need enough insurance to take care of your final expenses and any debt that you may have. If you still have a mortgage you may want to have enough to cover that as well. 

By the time you retire, if you have had a term policy it may have reached the end of its term. Any whole life insurance that you have can stay with you for your entire life. The experienced agents at the Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency in Dripping Springs, TX are happy to discuss your life insurance as part of your retirement financial plans with you, give them a call at 512-732-2353. 


The most important insurance for small businesses in Albany, NY

There are some kinds of commercial insurance required by law in New York, while others are important for protection but not legally required. The best protection for your small business in Albany, NY will probably be a combination of the required insurance and any additional protection that will make sure your business has the coverage it needs. NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency can help you look at the different risk factors your business is facing and search for the best coverage while still getting great rates. 

If your business has employees, you will need to have workers’ compensation coverage to protect them in case they suffer an illness or injury related to work. Even one employee gets that protection under the law.

Does your business use automobiles? Your personal auto insurance won’t cover any accidents that occur while the vehicle is being used for business, so you are required to carry commercial auto insurance in case anything happens.

General liability insurance isn’t required but is considered by many to be the most crucial protection your business needs. If someone is injured on your property, one lawsuit could cause serious financial harm to your business. Property insurance is another necessary protection that will cover damages to not only the physical building but your office furniture, supplies, equipment, and many other losses.

Anyone offering professional services should consider professional liability insurance, which can protect you if a client suffers taking your professional advice.

At NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency, we want to make sure you are comfortable with your policy, and we tailor each policy to suit the needs of the client. Every business has different needs, and it wouldn’t make sense to sell the same policy to businesses that have different needs. If you think you need more protection, or if you just have questions, please call us today.

4 Times When Having Home Insurance Really Matters

Our Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency team takes pride in helping our clients understand the importance of finding the right policy to suit their needs. This includes protecting your family with adequate property coverage for your Dripping Springs, TX home. Here are four times when having homeowner’s insurance really matters.

#1: When There’s Severe Weather

The Texas weather is notoriously unpredictable. One time when having homeowner’s insurance coverage really matters is during severe storm season. From hail damage to your roof to something much more catastrophic, your policy can help keep out-of-pocket repair costs to a minimum.

#2: When There’s a Fire

You already take steps to protect your family from a fire, such as installing proper smoke detectors. But what about homeowner’s insurance? Even after a small fire, restoration and repair costs can easily add up to thousands of dollars in costs. Thankfully, having proper insurance can keep you from having to pay those costs from your own bank account.

#3: When Your Home Has Been Broken Into

There’s nothing more violating than a break-in at your home. Without proper insurance coverage, you could be responsible for paying for repairs and/or replacing any personal property that was taken.

#4: When You Want to Make Sure Your Family Has a Safe Place to Stay

After a major catastrophe, one of the first things you might wonder is where will your family live? This is where homeowner’s insurance steps in and helps you find a temporary safe place to stay while repairs are being made to your home. Depending on the exact nature of your claim, this can either be a hotel or a rental property.

Do you have questions about your home or auto insurance? Our knowledgeable and friendly team at the Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency would love to help. We proudly serve the Dripping Springs, TX area. Please contact us today to schedule an appointment.


Does Auto Insurance Cover Items in the Car?

Auto insurance covers a wide range of things aside from only medical bills and the cost to repair your car. It also covers a range of items within your car, both specific and named, and those items that you may have in your car when you are driving around. For those that live in the Dripping Springs, TX area, the agents with Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency can help you find the policy that protects your car and the things you drive around with.

For the most part, your auto policy is going to lean heavy on the side of insuring things like the car itself and covering the medical bills of those involved in an accident. It does, however, cover some other things too that you may not even realize. If you have car seats inside your car, for instance, your auto policy will help with the cost of replacing those car seats so that any children riding with you have new, accident-free seats. Your auto policy may also cover things like purses and expensive items you are carrying in your car at the time of an accident.

Say for instance you have just been to an expensive shop and you have the items you purchased in the car with you. The car catches on fire and everything is destroyed, your auto policy will help with the cost of replacing some of those items. It is important to note that auto policies have a certain cap of sorts on the price of contents unless you can prove that there was something in the car that was destroyed. This means you cannot simply claim you had a $200,000 watch in the car that was destroyed without some sort of proof.

For those in the Dripping Springs, TX area, the agents with Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency can help you find the policy that fits all your needs.

Do I Need ATV Insurance?

It is that beautiful time of year in Dripping Springs, TX when everyone is looking to get out and breathe in some fresh air. Many are excited to take their ATVs out for a ride, but there is the question as to whether the law requires insurance on an ATV. The Texas Department of Public Safety says that you are not required to have ATV insurance. However, Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency believes that it is usually a good idea to insure any motorized vehicle. 

With ATV, accidents are not just possible- they are likely. It may not be a big accident, but damage can easily be done to one even if you are just riding along a trail and hit a huge rock or tree stump. If you enjoy riding in the rain and mud, the chances of an accident are even higher. Maybe your kid is driving his buddy on the ATV trying to show off but ends up throwing his friend off and causing a broken bone. If an accident and/or damages do occur, who is going to pay for it? If you have no ATV insurance, you will be solely responsible, and that can get costly. It may even mean that you have to put your ATV away for a while until you can come up with money for repairs.

If you live in Dripping Springs, TX and have an ATV, you should consider purchasing insurance for your ATV. It will let you enjoy your ATV more since you will not have to constantly worry about possible damage. Give Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency a call to discuss coverage options that will suit your needs. 


Are You Ready for Your Road Trip This Summer?

Going anywhere the road takes you is just one benefit of having an RV. So many places including beaches, resorts, and camp grounds have an area for RVs to the park. It’s much more cost friendly than renting a hotel for a few nights. However, it’s important you know how to prep for your upcoming road trip, which includes getting the necessary RV insurance from Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency, serving Dripping Springs, TX and the surrounding area. 

Call Around for Locations of RV Hookups

Before you just decide you want to go to a specific place, you should conduct a search for locations in the area with RV hookups. You’ll want to know about what the site offers to make sure it includes everything you’ll need to stay there. 

Prepare Your RV 

You don’t want to break down while you’re on the road. Therefore, you should inspect your vehicle thoroughly before going on a trip. Make sure you change the oil, so you don’t experience your RV overheating while you’re trying to enjoy your vacation. You also want to take a look at your tires. You want to make sure they have enough tread on them, so you’re not at risk for them popping on the highway. Additionally, it’s important to check the air on all the tires.

Packing the RV

You obviously want to pack all the clothes you need for the trip and even some extra. Just in case you would break down, you may want to bring along extra money or a credit card to ensure you can get home safely. 

You need to have insurance on your vehicle just like you would if you were driving a car or truck. Call Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency, serving Dripping Springs, TX and the surrounding area today for a quote.



Do You Have to Take the Course for Motorcycle Safety to get Texas Motorcycle Insurance?

Maybe you want to buy this beautiful new motorcycle available in Dripping Springs, TX but you don’t have a motorcycle license.  Will you need to take a motorcycle safety course in order to get a motorcycle insurance policy from Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency? Let’s sort out the actual facts.

The Course is Required to Get a Motorcycle License

When you register any motor vehicle in Texas, you must have a driver’s license and proper insurance. However, in order to get a motorcycle license in Texas, you are required to take the state approved Course for Motorcycle Safety.  So, in the long run, the answer to the question is yes.

Learning to Ride Before You Get Your License

If you are still under the age of 18 and have never earned your Class B license, you can take the Basic Course with only your learner’s permit. After the completion of the Course, you will be eligible to get your Class M motorcycle license, which will allow you to register and insure your motorcycle. 

Advanced Courses for Experienced Riders

If you are over the age of 18 and have a current Class B Texas license, you are eligible to take the Intermediate Course. You will bring your own bike and helmet and at the end of the course, you will be eligible for your motorcycle license. The Intermediate Course lasts one day. If you have a Class M license and simply want to improve your riding skills, there is an Advanced Course available. 

In the end, it is always a good idea to take a motorcycle safety course whenever you buy a new bike. It is required in order to get your Class M license and to register and insure your first Dripping Springs, TX cycle. Call us at Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency for a quote for motorcycle insurance today.

Myths about Umbrella Insurance

There are a number of misconceptions about umbrella insurance in Dripping Springs, TX, and believing these myths can prevent you from having extra protection.

Myth 1: Umbrella insurance is the first line of coverage.

Umbrella insurance doesn’t kick in until the other primary insurance policies are used. You aren’t able to purchase umbrella insurance through Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency unless you already have a primary policy.

Myth 2: Umbrella insurance is only for the wealthy.

Anybody can get sued in today’s society, making an umbrella policy even more important for the average individual. In fact, the wealthy may have more resources in order to fight a lawsuit, whereas someone who is struggling doesn’t. This makes having umbrella insurance even more important.

Myth 3: It’s too hard to get an umbrella policy.

This could be true if you are getting policies from different insurance companies because it could get more complicated. However, if you choose one insurance company, it will be much easier and you could save money by bundling your policies.

Myth 4:  They are too expensive.

Many times it will be cheaper to get an umbrella policy instead of raising the limits on the primary auto and home policies. You typically want to have a $1 million in liability coverage, even if you don’t have as many assets, because any future assets could be at risk.

Myth 5: There are too many exclusions.

Every policy does have its exclusions, but an umbrella policy can provide more coverage that you wouldn’t normally get with a regular home insurance policy. This extra coverage includes protection against slander and libel.

Myth 6: Other policies will provide the coverage you need.

An umbrella policy will provide an additional layer of coverage in addition to the items that aren’t typically covered under standard policies. One lawsuit could be enough to wipe out any financial standing without umbrella insurance.

Contact Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency, serving Dripping Springs, TX, to get a quote on umbrella insurance. 



How do you choose a life insurance policy?

One very important type of insurance that people in the Dripping Springs, TX area could use is life insurance. When you purchase life insurance, you will be purchasing a policy that will financially protect people that depend on you. While picking a life insurance policy can be complicated, there are a variety of tips that could help you get into the right policy for your situation.

Type of Life Insurance

The first factor to consider when you are shopping for life insurance is the type of policy that you want. The two most common types of life insurance are whole and term life. With a whole life policy, you will get coverage for your entire life and can even make money through investment returns. 

With a term life policy, you can get much more coverage for a lower fee, but will only be covered during the term of the policy. This policy also does not have any investment benefits but is often preferred by people that are looking for the most coverage for the lowest monthly cost. 

Amount of Coverage

You also need to consider how much coverage that you need. There are many factors that influence this including your current income, future expenses, and current assets. Going through this process will help you to determine how much coverage you need to have under your life insurance policy. 

For those that are in the Dripping Springs, TX area, choosing the right life insurance policy can be tricky. If you are struggling to pick the right policy, reaching out to the Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency could be a great first step. The team at the Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency will help you better understand your insurance needs and then explain your policy options.  

Can I Drive my Commercial Vehicle while I’m not Working?

A common question when it comes to commercial auto insurance is whether or not you can use your commercial vehicle during non-working hours in Dripping Springs, TX. The short answer is yes, however, you’ll want to be sure you follow some very important rules first. Read on to learn more about this subject.

Only You can Drive the Vehicle

If you have the perk of having a company vehicle, chances are you drive it when you’re not working. While this may be fine, per your employee and your insurance coverage, it is not ok to let anyone else drive the vehicle, during working hours or non-working hours. That means you can’t let your spouse borrow the car or truck, even if they want to take a quick ride down the road to grab some milk. If an accident were to occur, the driver would not be covered.

Be Sure You are Insured

In order to drive your company vehicle after hours, you’ll need to make sure you are covered. Your employer may have included a stipulation that you need to have personal auto insurance on the vehicle in order to drive it on the weekends or other non-working hours. 

Contact a Reputable Insurance Agency

Still not sure if you’re completely covered when driving after hours? Contact the reputable agents at Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency serving the Dripping Springs, TX area. They will be able to answer all of your questions and concerns about this matter and help you make sure you are covered 24/7. To learn more about commercial coverage on company vehicles, contact the team at Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency today.