3 Tips for Taking Care Of Your RV

More and more people are investing in recreational vehicles (RV) in Austin, TX. RVs make for a great way to enjoy the open road while still being able to take advantage of a number of amenities, including a place to sleep, full kitchens, washers and dryers, and more. Staying in an RV at a campground tends to cost way less than what it takes to pay for a hotel room. Think about it. Taking your family of six and booking two rooms at a hotel for five nights will cost you upward of $1,000. Taking them to a campground and staying in the RV, however, will likely cost you less than $300 for the entire month. No matter the type of RV you invest in, it is pertinent that you protect it with proper insurance. For now, let’s take a closer look at three tips for taking care of your RV. 

Perform Adequate Maintenance On the Waste Water System

There are two basic types of wastewater systems for RVs — black water or gray water. Depending on the type you have, you will have to use certain chemicals to keep it well maintained. You will also need to make sure the system is flushed on a regular basis. Excessive amounts of buildup in the wastewater system can lead to:

  • Nasty clogs
  • Failure of operation
  • Seizing valves

Clean the Side Outs

If your RV has one or more slide outs, you need to clean them regularly to prevent dirt build up. Regular cleaning will include lubricating the slider mechanisms as well as adding lubrication around the window seals on the slide outs. 

Invest In an RV Insurance Policy

There are three main advantages gained when you invest in a policy for your RV:

  • Liability coverage provides benefits for your passengers in the event they are injured in an accident
  • Acts as a safeguard for your possessions kept in the RV
  • Peace of mind in knowing your RV is properly protected in events that may not be covered by your traditional policies

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What Factors Influence Motorcycle Insurance?

Motorcycle insurance provides a measure of reimbursement for financial losses related to an accident, damage or theft and liability coverage for personal injuries and property damage. There are factors which will reduce the motorcycle premium. 


Insurance companies will reduce premiums if you make your riding experience safer such as:

1.  Helmets are a very controversial way of reducing premiums. Many riders feel that the helmet interference with the riding experience. Helmets save lives and will reduce premiums
2.  Security Devices such as alarms and locks. Chose security devices that are acceptable to your insurance company.
3.  Put a cap on your mileage. If you lower your mileage, an insurance company will consider that a factor in reducing your premium
4.   Drive solo and do not take passengers. 
5.   Frequency of riding
6.   Take advanced training classes.  Preferable police training classes.


1.    Pay the annual premium and not monthly will reduce overall premium.
2.   Improve your credit score should give a better premium.
3.   Depending on your use of the motorbike, only buy the insurance that you need. 
4.  Motorcycle make and model. Do not choose a sports bike.
5.  Chose insurance carrier that has a no-claim bonus.
6   Bundle your motorcycle insurance with the same company you use for auto and home insurance.


1.   Live in an area that does not have a high rate of thefts of vehicles.
2.  Age and clean driving record.
3. Custom add-ons will increase the value of your bike and premium.
4.   If you belong to any motorcycle associations or organizations, such as the American Motorcycle Association, Honda Riders Club of America, Motorcycle Safety Foundation. And Harley Owners Group could discount your premium.
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