What are the required policy limits for motorcycle insurance in Texas?

The state of Texas has straightforward laws concerning motorcycle insurance policy limits and required equipment that a driver must wear when riding around town. Coverage stipulations include mopeds, bicycles with motors, and all types of motorcycles. You should not ride around Austin, TX without understanding these facts about policy limits on bikes brought to you by Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency. 

Policy Limits for Motorcycles in Austin, TX
State lawmakers are continuously making efforts to reduce the number of uninsured and underinsured motorists in Texas. As such, legislatures have established coverage amounts for bodily injury as well as property damage that drivers may use as a guide when searching for the best indemnity plan. 
Coverage amounts for motorcycles are as follows:

  • $60,000 for bodily injury per accident
  • $25,000 for property damage per accident
  • $30,000 for each person injured in a crash

Personal Gear Requirements
The state of Texas has a helmet law that requires both the driver and passenger of a motorcycle to wear protective headgear such as a helmet while riding around town. The exception to such mandate is when a person is over the age of 21-years-old and can show proof of his successful completion of an MSF basic or advanced course.

An exception to the helmet rule may also be applied when a person shows proof a healthcare plan that covers medical expenses incurred as a result of being injured while riding a motorcycle. The state of Texas does not require any other type of personal gear when riding a bike. 

Understanding your rights and obligations when operating a motorcycle in Austin, TX is the first step down the road to safety. Call Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency today for a consultation on what policy may work best for your situation. 

Umbrella Insurance Can Work For Anyone

Many people mistakenly believe that umbrella insurance is for celebrities or high-profile politicians and lawyers. It certainly works well for them, but why not make it work for you? If you work in a public place with customers, or you provide counseling to the public, you have at least one reason to seriously consider umbrella insurance. Call us at Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency, serving the Austin, TX area, and ask us what umbrella insurance does for the average person. You might find that umbrella insurance answers a need you didn’t realize you had.

The fact is that lawsuits can happen to anyone. This kind of litigation can ruin both your present and future financial prospects. Having the added liability coverage that umbrella insurance provides is one of those steps any person can undertake to protect themselves, their family, and their finances. Whether you work directly with the public or you handle their data, you might consider what we can do for you at Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency to prepare for this potential personal disaster. We have experienced agents ready to research the policies available from a variety of solid, dependable insurance providers so that you know exactly what is available at the present time. 

Proud of our connections in the Austin, TX area, we have worked hard to provide reliable information and useful insurance policies that help our customers recover when financial disaster threatens. Preparing ahead of time is the key to preventing financial ruin and the intense stress that can threaten a family if a lawsuit happens. We not only have roots in Texas, we have the experience of knowing what kinds of serious litigious situations Texans might face. We stand ready to offer you peace of mind.

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