Getting Married Is a Great Time to Evaluate Your Life Insurance Needs

While we do not suggest you get married to your life insurance policy the considerate agents of Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency in Austin, TX recommend you get to know it extremely well. An expertly written life insurance policy speaks for you after you are gone. It represents your best intentions for your financial legacy as well as your active responsibility for your loved ones when you are no longer around. 

Just as you are alive your insurance policy is viable and should change, grow and evolve as your life changes, grows and evolves.


Now that you have become married it is a great juncture to carefully review your policy. Add your spouse to the list of beneficiaries if he or she is not already a part of your policy. Consider what responsibility you want to take for the former beneficiary and if the responsibility is necessary at all. Many single people simply list their parents or next of kin as their beneficiary. Your circumstances may be that you want to continue some sort of financial responsibility for a parent though you are now married. Speak with your insurance agent about having multiple beneficiaries. Building cash value is another important facet of your policy that needs review now with the burgeoning responsibilities of marriage.        

Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency in Austin, TX is committed to changing the mindset of the burden of having to have insurance into a well planned asset. In addition to life insurance we offer: automobile, homeowners, commercial, motorcycle, ATV, RV and umbrella insurance policies. Stop by, email or telephone us today to find out how we can serve the insurance needs of your entire life. 

Does Commercial Insurance Cover Building Vandalism?

Unfortunately, vandalism happens and when it does, it can be costly for the building owner. Broken windows, graffiti on the side of a building or copper and wires stripped from air conditioning units can add up fast. If you own a commercial building, one of the questions that you may have is whether commercial insurance covers building vandalism. This is a question that we at Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency, serving the greater Austin, TX area, are frequently asked. Here is the answer. 

If The Building Is Occupied

If the building is occupied, either by you or by a tenant that you have rented the space out to, vandalism is covered if it exceeds the amount of your deductible. If the vandalism is less than the amount of your deductible, you or the tenant are responsible for damage, depending on the wording in your lease. If the damage is more than the cost of your deductible, your commercial insurance policy will cover it. 

If The Building is Vacant

If the building is vacant at the time it is vandalized, odds are, your insurance company will not cover the damage. Most commercial insurance companies will only cover buildings that are occupied. This is because an empty building is far more likely to be targeted by vandals or squatters who can do damage. If your building is vacant, you may want to look into vacant building commercial insurance. This type of policy will protect your building if it is empty. 

If you own a commercial building in the greater Austin, TX area, you may be looking to purchase a commercial insurance policy. If you are looking for quotes or ready to buy, contact Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency today! We can help you find the right insurance policy.