Theft Insurance For A Convience Store

Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency knows that Austin, TX gas station owners are afraid of losing a lot of money due to a robbery. Thankfully, there is plenty of theft insurance options to protect you from this troubling situation. With our help, you can better understand the dangers of not owning this type of insurance.

Theft Insurance Comes With Many Commercial Packages

Gas stations purchase insurance options under what is known as a grocery or retail package. This type of insurance is designed to protect these stores from a variety of different problems. For example, it covers liability from lawsuits as well as loss of income. However, it also covers property and damage or theft to it.

This type of insurance policy is very important for gas station owners because it can help protect them from a serious loss in a robbery. It also helps protect their employees from feeling the need to be a hero in robberies. Instead, they can just give over money safe in the knowledge that you are covered.

It Also Protects Your Well-Being

But what happens if you or one of your employees are injured during a robbery at your gas station? There are plenty of coverage options for this problem. For example, workers compensation can help keep them afloat until they are ready to work again. Loss of income insurance like this is essential for both you and your employees.

Also, you can purchase utility interruption insurance in case that thieves somehow affect the operation of crucial utilities in your business. As a result, you can get compensation if your store needs to be shut down temporarily to repair these systems.    

Covering Your Gas Station Properly

So if your Austin, TX gas station needs great theft insurance options, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency. Our agents are skilled at identifying your needs, finding a policy that works for you, and ensuring your gas station is safe.

Things to Look Out For When Getting Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle insurance it’s a legal requirement in most states and it is also an important tool that protects you and the motorcycle in case of an accident or theft. In Austin, TX motorcycle insurance is a legal requirement that every rider must have. But before you get a motorcycle insurance there are a few things you need to look at and you can also contact Ty Lawrence insurance agency for more information.

Get multiple insurance quotes

Before you purchase any motorcycle insurance, it is wise for you to shop around and get multiple insurance quotes before you can settle on the one that suits your specifications. There are multiple insurance agencies online you can look around and get as must information as possible, but if you live in Austin, TX, you can contact Ty Lawrence insurance agency to help you with details on which insurance best suits you.

Choose a motorcycle insurance provider

Once you have the insurance quotes you can now narrow down to one specific insurance provider that suits your specifications and that offers the best in terms of customer service and claims handling. One common mistake a lot of people tend to commit is choosing a cheap insurance which does not necessarily turn out to be the best. When you are choosing a motorcycle insurance you should consider; its ease of handling claims, broadness stability, longevity, financial stability, fairness in handling claims, customer service and agents.

Confirm with your auto insurance company

If you already have auto insurance, it is recommended that you confirm with insurance provider company if they offer motorcycle insurance. This will earn you a discount on the insurance package cost and save you time as well. Buy both motorcycle and auto insurances from the same insurance agency will be easier.