If I Let a Friend Borrow My ATV Will They Be Covered Under My Insurance?

Picture this: you’re heading out on the trails with your ATVs. Everyone’s excited for a day of fun, but one friend doesn’t have their own vehicle. You happen to have two, so you offer to let them borrow one.

Only a few minutes into your trip, however, they get into an accident. Your vehicle and someone else’s are damaged. Several people are hurt, and you’re all left with loads of questions about who’s responsible.

This is quite a common occurrence, and it can cause a lot of confusion. Who is responsible if a borrowed ATV in involved in an accident? Will the driver be covered under your insurance?

The bottom line here is that it all depends on your insurance plan and the insurance plan of the person who borrowed your car. For the most part, if it’s a simple crash, your insurance will cover damages to your ATV as long as you gave express permission for the other person to drive the vehicle.

On the other hand, it gets more complicated when extreme damage expenses and medical expenses come into play. For all of these reasons, it’s essential not to be too cavalier about lending out your ATV, and it’s also essential to know the ins and outs of your ATV insurance plan.

Talk to Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency About ATV Insurance

If you are an Austin, TX resident and currently have an uninsured ATV, contact Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency about a plan for your vehicle. We cover residents of Austin, TX and we can help you find a plan that works for you. We’ll also help you understand all its details so that you understand the risks and protections you have when it comes to loaning out your vehicle. Give us a call today to learn more. 

In Austin, TX: Does RV Insurance Coverage Damages Received in a Traffic Accident?

In Austin, TX, the agents at Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency offer several different types of RV insurance. Making sure you are fully insured while you are on vacation or traveling away from home will make it easier to fully enjoy yourself. It’s extremely important you understand what your RV insurance covers and how well you’re protected before you take off on your adventure. This will eliminate any misunderstandings or miscommunications if you are involved in any type of vehicle accident.

A recreational vehicle that operates like a regular vehicle normally requires an insurance policy along the same parameters. Unlike truck campers and pull-behind campers that are often covered under your towing vehicle’s insurance policy, an RV requires its own simply because you operate it on highways and other roadways just as you would a smaller car or truck. For all intents and purposes, an RV is another vehicle that on the highway and must be insured as such or you could possibly face a hefty ticket or fine.

Your RV insurance will cover the same things as a conventional insurance policy including collision repair, bodily injury, property damage and additional comprehensive coverage that covers other losses such as theft and fire damage. A mid-size van or bus-size RV is a major investment. Purchasing adequate insurance coverage prevents you from taking a major financial loss if it is damaged in an accident. These policies also protect you if someone else was injured in the accident.

The agents at Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency serve residents throughout the Austin, TX area as well as many of the surrounding communities. If you are researching RV insurance and would like to know what those policies cover, you will get the best advice by discussing your options with a qualified agent.