Why Life Insurance Can be a Safe Investment

Austin, TX is certainly one of the hottest towns in the nation. Plenty of jobs, top-notch restaurants and amazing diversity make the city the place to be in Texas.

Yet, many residents fail to realize their financial dreams. Many dabble in stocks, bonds, and precious metals. Before long they realize their mistake. The market eats them alive. Even starting a business can lead to disaster. Consumers are fickle. They love you one day and hate you the next.

The smarter move goes with a more conventional means of accumulating wealth. You can just purchase life insurance and relax. No need to reinvent the wheel here. Successful folks have been doing this for generations.

Safer Than Buying Stocks and Bonds

Many Texans purchase stocks and bonds, hoping to increase their wealth. They may also buy real estate and then sell it quickly, a process known as house flipping.

It is all-too-common for these sorts of risk takers to wind up in debt. The financial markets are very volatile. For example, you never know when some geopolitical event half-way across the world will affect the price of your stock. Guess, what? You could lose everything you invested and still owe more in taxes!

Life insurance is a safer bet. The policy has real value that does not depend on the health of the overall global economy or government decisions. Fortunately, Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency can help you get started.

You Can Buy When Young and Keep It

You cannot lose life insurance later even if your health gets bad or when old age sets in. These policies are for life. This is why experts always suggest buying young and holding onto policies.

Get More Information

You should contact the helpful staff at the Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency today for more information about life insurance in Austin, TX and beyond. This personal investment is stress-free.


Cornering Commercial Insurance: Narrowing Down Your Policy to the Essentials

As you might imagine, commercial insurance in Austin, TX can get very complicated, very quickly. A Fortune 500 company will have very different needs than a small, family-owned business, yet both need to take care of their property, their holdings, and their employees. Here are a few major factors that apply to every business that should be considered before choosing a policy from your friends at Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency. 


Any customer who walks into your physical establishment can become injured, or could be hurt if they’re sold a faulty product. Having the insurance to cover this, plus any lawsuits for additional claims, is a must.


Should anything happen to your building, the grounds, or the products that you carry, you need to be certain you have the insurance in place to protect against further loss (e.g., replacement or repairs.)

Loss of Income 

If your business is out of commission for a natural disaster, then you need a way to cover all the money that you’re not making. If your building burns down for example, you may not be able to operate it for several months. 

Employee Coverage 

It’s your responsibility to protect your employees should they be injured when they’re on the job. Typically, you’ll need to cover those injuries even if the employee was negligent at the time of the incident. 


If you have a computer, then you’re at risk for cyber theft. If you have a physical establishment of equipment in Austin, TX, you’re at risk for general theft. 

Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency can help you decide on a commercial insurance policy for you besides just the essential coverage. Use this list as a starting point, and then give us a call to fill in the gaps.