Food Counts: Covering the Cost of Replacing Food After a Power Outage

Homeowner’s and renter’s insurance may cover the cost of replacing food after a power outage that was long enough to bring the safety of the food into question. It can be financially devastating for some families to do their shopping for the month, get everything put away, and then find the power has gone off. The good news is that your home insurance, such as that from the Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency, serving Austin, TX, might actually reimburse you for the loss of your food.

Fault and Time

Keeping the freezer and refrigerator doors closed to preserve cold temperatures inside those appliances works for only so long. As you open the door to retrieve food, the cold air escapes. This gradually raises the temperature inside the appliance. After enough time, the food inside is surrounded by unsafe temperatures.

Reimbursement often relies on your behavior and how long the power was out. If the power outage was for a short time only, you might not receive reimbursement because, for example, food can survive a half-hour outage if you just keep the appliance doors closed.

If the power went out, you kept the appliance doors closed as much as possible, but the outage lasted for days, you might be able to get reimbursed for the loss. If the power went out for a couple of hours and you kept opening the appliance doors, the loss of the food would likely be seen as your fault because you didn’t try to preserve the cold air.

Contact your insurance agent now, or call the Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency, serving Austin, TX, to expand your insurance coverage. Power outages can hit anywhere and at any time, and it’s worth having the extra coverage.

Spring Break is a Great Time for a Road Trip

Spring break is a great time to take a road trip with the family. By preparing for your trip in advance, you’ll have a more enjoyable, stress-free venture. Make sure your car insurance coverage is up to date by reviewing your policy with Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency in Austin, TX before traveling. Other road trip preparations include:

Car Maintenance

Before hitting the road, have your vehicle thoroughly inspected to reduce the risk of mechanical problems on your travels. Make sure your mechanic checks your tires, brakes, fluids, engine, steering and anything else that can pose a risk to safety while driving.


No family road trip is complete without entertainment for the kids. Be sure to pack books, flash cards, portable travel games, portable electronics, coloring pencils and a few DVDs if you have the facilities to play them. Include healthy snacks that kids can munch on the way as well as a cooler for cold drinks and water.

Clean Up Materials

Riding in a dirty car gets old pretty quickly. For easy cleanup, be sure to pack plenty of paper towels, cleaning wipes and trash bags. You can clean periodically during bathroom breaks or when stopping for picnics at a lake or park.

Emergency Kit

A road-side emergency kit is a must for any long distance traveling. Your kit should include such essentials as flashlight with extra batteries, jumper cables, flares, basic tool kit, motor oil, coolant, tire sealant and blankets. You should also carry a fully stocked first aid kit in your vehicle in case of accidents. An updated GPS system as well as cell phone with extra charger will also come in handy.

The right equipment and adequate car insurance protection from Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency, Austin, TX, will make your family road trip a more enjoyable, stress-free experience.