Why a Spring Tuneup is Worth Big Savings

When it comes to cars in Austin, TX, the old saying that "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" is absolutely appropriate. The typical cost of a vehicle checkup, oil & filter change, and annual tune-up is literally pennies versus what it would cost to pay for a transmission repair or a blown head gasket. However, simple, tune-up work is avoided repeatedly because many car owners think it’s just a scam to get money for service that doesn’t do anything. That assumption is definitely incorrect.

The point of an annual, Spring tune-up is to professionally check the car or pickup truck for any starting problems, to replace consumable parts with new ones, and to keep the car running at optimum performance. Replacing the consumable materials is important as they get dirty or useless over time by design. Engine lubricants take a beating so that engine parts do not. Filters capture dirt so that grit doesn’t get in between engine parts and cause damage. These items can be ignored but after a couple thousand miles, the effects becomes noticeable.

Cost-wise, as mentioned before, maintenance is cheap compared to serious repair from what the Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency has seen. Additionally, good maintenance helps keep a car in good shape, and that helps avoid accidents due to mechanical failure or temporary glitches. From tires to brakes to engine power, all matter critically when a driver needs to avoid a problem in a few seconds. A spring tune-up specifically goes after these issues to make sure a car has everything in working order, not just what can be seen from the outside.

For drivers in the Austin, TX area who aren’t sure what to look for or where to go for a proper tune-up service, the Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency can help with qualified information. As a car insurance provider their agents are well-informed on how to keep cars maintained properly. Call to find out more.


How Home Insurance Keeps Austin Homes Beautiful

A fresh coat of paint or a new door can do wonders for a house. When love and care is put into a building, it tends to reflect the quality of the people within it. It also reflects the value of the neighborhood its in. When you see the homes in Austin, TX, there are a lot of similarities about the owners who keep their homes in excellent shape. Home insurance is a big part of keeping the houses beautiful, and Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency wants you to know more about why. 

More Repairs, More Beauty 

The more repairs people do, the more beautiful a home tends to look. Home insurance gets windows fixed right away after a storm, instead of forcing people to put up cardboard or some other temporary barrier. It means that siding will be made whole again, instead of threatening the structural stability of the house. It also means that people who pass you by won’t think that your house is falling apart. No matter how much a policy costs, you should always remind yourself that the repairs over time could be a lot more. An investment in your policy is an investment in the overall beauty (and resale value) of your home.

How Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency Helps

Our agency works by giving you someone to call when you’re in need, so you can start taking action fast. Regardless of your current policy, we invite you to learn more about our services if you live in Austin, TX. It’s our pleasure to work with those who may need better coverage or those who are just shopping around for rates. Call us today to see how we can help you keep your home as beautiful as it can be.