Does Working as a Pizza Delivery Person Affect Your Auto Insurance Rates?

If you are working as a delivery person, you may not realize that regular auto insurance does not cover you while you are on the job. Here is some information you should know about auto insurance if you are looking into working as a pizza delivery driver, or as a driver for any other type of food delivery service.

The Working For Hire Exclusion

The majority of personal auto insurance policies have an exclusion in them if you are using the car for commercial purposes. This includes working for hire, such as using your car to deliver newspapers, pizzas or for a ride sharing service. If you are in an accident while engaging in one of these services, your policy may exclude the accident because you were engaged in activity that is not covered.

Commercial Driving Insurance

If you are working as a pizza delivery man, or engaging in any other type of business that requires you to drive your vehicle, you will need to get a commercial driving insurance policy for when you use your car for work and a personal insurance auto policy for when you are using your vehicle for personal use. This helps to ensure you are covered at all times when you are driving your vehicle.

Anytime you drive for work, including as a pizza delivery person, your auto insurance needs may change. Give Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency, serving the Austin, TX area, a call if you drive for work. We can ensure your auto insurance policy covers you while you are driving for work and offers the protection you need. Swing by our office or call us to obtain more information or to start pricing out a policy.

How to Protect Your Home During the Holidays

The holidays are a great distraction for you when it comes to protecting your home. While you are busy buying gifts and making plans, it’s easy to forget to lock up or close a window. As such, burglars are always on the prowl. They look for opportunities to grab valuable belongings. Fortunately, you can protect your humble abode with these easy-to-remember ways to protect your home during the holidays in Austin, TX.

Keep Your Home Lit

Burglars target homes that give the appearance that no one is home. Although you can’t be at home 24-7, it’s important that you give the appearance that you are home to avoid a home insurance claim. The easiest way to make your home look occupied at all times is by using automatic lights. You can set the timer on your lights so that they automatically come on at random times, which will help discourage burglars while you are from visiting family members.

Always Set Your Alarm

After having your alarm for years, it’s easy to forget to set it. Many people think that it’s okay to visit the store for a forgotten item without setting their alarm. However, it only takes one mistake and one burglar to make it easy to be robbed. Never leave your home without setting your alarm, even if you are simply going down the street for milk.

Cut Back Shrubbery

Your shrubs provide great cover for burglars. They can hide next to a door or a window under cover ofty your bushes. You can’t give them the opportunity to steal from you. Although tall bushes may be the look you want in Austin, TX, cutting your shrubs back during the holidays can prevent a break-in.

You can enjoy the holidays without becoming a victim of burglary. With these easy tips, you can ensure that your home is always protected. Also, consider reviewing your home insurance policy to ensure you have enough coverage in case the unthinkable happens. Contact an agent with Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency today.