Little Known Fire Hazards

You know to be careful with appliances, with anything that generates heat, anything you use to cook. You know that an untended-to stove or fireplace is a serious fire hazard, you know that a cluttered kitchen can be a dangerous place. But some fire hazards are not what you expect.


A desktop computer has the benefits of a spacious casing, with a lot of empty space between components. Desktops are loaded up with fans and many newer computers will shut themselves off automatically if they get too hot. Laptops, on the other hand, are a little more prone to overheating, and even catching fire, given their compact design. Some laptop computers are about the same dimensions as a magazine, and their internal components can overheat and light up if left on a flammable surface without proper ventilation. We recommend against prolonged use in bed, for instance. If the laptop has a meltdown on a metal desktop, you’re out a laptop. If the casing starts to melt and catch fire on a bed or on a wooden desk, you could be looking at a house fire.


You don’t have to play with matches for them to be a fire hazard, you only need to leave them in a place that gets a little too warm at times. You don’t want to store your matches above the stove, for instance, or near a fireplace, or with the furnace, or, really, anywhere else that is convenient to store them. Tuck them away in a drawer to keep them safe.

Powdered Coffee Creamer

If you’re a smoker, be careful lighting up that morning cigarette with your coffee. Some powdered creamers can actually be highly flammable when dispersed.

The truth is we’re standing around loads of kindling all day long. A bit of caution goes a long way, and Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency can help you get covered the rest of the distance.

Why you need Auto Insurance in Austin, TX

Austin, Texas has become one of the more popular cities in the United States in recent years and there are a ton of great things to do in the city itself. However, one of the biggest issues with Austin is it’s lack of comprehensive public transportation, which means everyone who lives, works in or even visits the city will probably need to drive a vehicle. With this being the case, you will absolutely need to also have an auto insurance policy during your time driving a vehicle in Austin.


Before we get into the reasons why auto insurance is important, there is the basic fact that Texas state law requires people have auto insurance of some kind if they are going to drive a vehicle. So whether you are in Austin or some other part of Texas and driving a car, make sure you have an auto insurance policy or else you could be pulled over and given at least a ticket.


If you happen to be in an accident, you will need auto insurance to not only cover your vehicle’s damage but also any medical bills you or those in your vehicle might incur. These can be minor or serious and your level of auto insurance will usually cover all of these bills initially, at least to a point. This is critical to people’s pocketbooks in many cases, as a car accident shouldn’t leave someone financially destitute in the future.


You will also need your auto insurance to protect other people’s vehicles, property and well-being in the event of an accident that you may have caused. Insurance will pay for all of these things so you don’t have to and also protect you from possible lawsuits associated with the accident in the future. Contact Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency today to learn more.