How Will Home Insurance Cover My Possessions?

Do I Really Need Homeowner’s Insurance in the First Place?

Home insurance, also known as homeowner’s insurance, is necessary for everybody that owns a property. In fact, it is impossible to complete the purchase of a property without it, as banks require homeowner’s insurance before they approve a mortgage. Even if you buy a property with cash,  Austin, TX community regulations often require homeowner’s insurance. If you want to make sure that your property and possessions are covered, you need to buy a policy from an agency like Ty Lawrence Insurance.

How Will Homeowner’s Insurance Help Me Replace My Possessions?

In the event of a fire, hurricane, or other event covered by your policy the insurer will cut you a check that you can use to replace your things. The amount of this check is usually between 50% to 70% of the insurance on the building. That is, if your building is worth $100,000, you will receive a check for your possessions in the amount of $50,000 to $70,000, depending on your policy.

If you are worried about this coverage not being substantial enough, it is a good idea to take an inventory of your possessions. Some insurers provide tools to help you take an inventory more easily, like cloud-based photo storage programs. You should take inventory of all of your possessions, even if they are not currently on the property in Austin, TX. Homeowner’s insurance will cover them, as well as unauthorized use of your credit cards.

Homeowner’s insurance has coverage limits for expensive items like artworks, jewelry, and furs. You can buy add-on insurance to cover these items, or buy individual policies. There are also coverage limits for damages to plants, trees, and shrubs. The limits can vary widely, but insurers like Ty Lawrence Insurance will gladly help you figure out what the limits are. They will also help you figure which items besides personal possessions and landscaping are covered.


3 Services You Should Be Getting For Your Motorcycle

If you own a motorcycle in Texas, you want to be as responsible with it as possible. This means knowing about the services that you should be getting on your motorcycle on a regular basis in order to keep it up and running for longer.

Oil Change

An oil change is something that is extremely important, and this is because it helps to keep the engine lubricated. As far as how often it should be taking place, this is within your manual. Amy and schedule should be clearly laid out so that you know how often you should be bringing your bike in for an oil change.

Air Filter

The air filter needs to be cleaned from time to time. What goes in your motorcycle doesn’t always come out, and much will pass through your air filter. You could be cutting off airflow or allowing a variety of abrasives to grind against valves and internal bearings. Follow the schedule within your owner’s manual at the very minimum, and if you are known to ride in the dustier and dirtier environments, you may want to have the filter serviced with even greater frequency.

Drivetrain Inspection

The drivetrain is one of the most important components of a motorcycle. As time goes on, it is capable of stretching, there may be cracks on the belt, and much more. By having it inspected by a professional, you can learn what it needs to be replaced so that it doesn’t break while you are out on the road.

It doesn’t take long to bring your motorcycle in for the services, and it can make all the difference in the world for keeping your motorcycle running smoothly.

Contact us at Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency today to learn about a motorcycle insurance policy that is affordable and provides you with the necessary coverage.