Tips for Keeping Your Car Clean in Austin, Texas

Keeping your car clean in a hip place like Austin, Texas is not only good for your image, it’s good for your car as well. Gunk and dirt can build up on the outside and wear out the paint which can lead to rusting and increasingly dirty windows often become a driving hazard. Below are some tips for keeping your car as clean as possible in Austin, Texas.


If you have a garage that you can park your car inside, do it. The amount of dust, pollen and pollutants in the air that will settle on your car on a regular basis won’t be able to touch it and it’s exterior will remain very clean for much longer after a car wash. Your vehicle will also be out of the bombing radius of various birds that flock to the Central Texas area and regularly dirty parked cars.


Washing your car and then putting a good coat of wax on it is key to keeping your car clean, obviously. But then washing your car again about a week or two later and repeating that coat of wax is the real key here, as that build-up will allow you to not have to worry about washing your car for months, unless there is a lot of rain and you are driving in muddy, dirty areas. While this will be an added cost up front, it will save you money on washing your car in the long run.


There’s something about window cleaner and old newspaper that cleans the glass on car windshields and windows better than anything else. Do this regularly, as the better you can see out your windows, the less of a chance you will have an accident due to bad visibility. By having a clean car it will also ensure you don’t have to tap into the great auto insurance you set up with a local company like Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency, who serves the greater Austin, Texas area.

Ways to Keep Your Car Clean in Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas is a great town in most respects but they don’t have much public transportation, so if you’re living there you will definitely need a car. Which means that you’ll not only need an auto insurance policy from a company like Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency—serving the greater Austin, Texas area—but you’ll also have to get back into the habit of keeping your car car clean, so it retains it’s resale value, looks as good as possible and doesn’t lead to you getting into an accident due to bad visibility from all the dirt on your windows and mirrors. Below are some ways to keep your car clean in Austin, Texas.


One of the easiest ways to keep your car clean in Austin most of the time is to park it in a garage. This will keep birds from targeting it with their poop and also keep all the dust and pollen that’s often in the Austin air from settling on the car, as well as protect it from the torrential rain storms that often roll through the area. If you can’t manage to park your car in a garage on a regular basis, then simply attaching a cover over the outside of your vehicle will also do the trick, though you will have to diligent about putting it on the car on a regular basis.


Headlight covers on cars that have been active for a while, namely used cars, can get clouded up with oxidation and cause the headlights not to be as bright when you really need them to be (like at night). The best way to do this isn’t to take them into a shop, but to use toothpaste and a rag once the cover has been removed. Then rinse with water and your headlights will shine as bright as ever.


By simply wiping down the dashboards on a regular basis with a damp cloth or one with a tiny amount of laundry detergent on it, you can keep the interior of your car looking brand new for an extended period of time.