Safe Drivers in Austin, TX Prosper

Safe drivers in Austin, Texas prosper financially and can feel much more confident on the road. You can join these individuals by developing safe driving habits of your own. You’ll prevent injuries and deaths as well as save money on your car insurance by doing so.

1. Be Conscientious of Everyone

In addition to being conscientious of everything around you, you must be aware of everyone around you. Your driving could be superb, but not everybody else’s is, so you need to watch what others are doing carefully, so you can respond accordingly.  

2. Maintain Your Vehicle

Although not every state has the same inspection requirements, it’s important that you do regular maintenance on your vehicle to ensure your brakes work properly, your tires have enough tread, your steering functions properly, and your car is aligned. Don’t forget to check tire pressure since the uneven pressure is a huge risk factor of a crash. You should change your oil and make sure you don’t run your car too hard because it could lead to a problem with your engine that could cause you to lose function of your vehicle on a busy road. 

3. Keep Your Words and Gestures to Yourself

Yes, driving can be frustrating when other drivers can’t drive very well, cut you off or tailgate. You don’t need to react to their negative behaviors with gestures or words. Instead, be leery of them and watch them carefully, so you can react to how they’re driving. If you’re rude with gestures, you might find that the person will drive spitefully and put you at risk of having an accident. Additionally, you should never partake in the negative driving habits that cause others to have road rage. 

For more tips on driving safely and for an insurance premium that could save you money, contact Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency right now. 

What to do Before Loaning Out Your Car

If you have decided to lend out your car, you shouldn’t just hand out the keys and call it a day. There are a few different steps you need to follow in order to make sure both your vehicle and your friend or family member are properly taken care of. At Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency, we want to make sure you are protected in Austin or anywhere else you go with your vehicle. 

Is Your Insurance Up to Date?

Probably one of the most important tips you can follow is checking in on your insurance. You need to make sure your vehicle is currently insured and your coverage is up to date. While you’re at it, making sure your friend has their own auto insurance is also a good idea. 

What is the Car Used For?

Check to see what your friend intends to use their vehicle for. If they plan on using the vehicle for business purposes and are involved in an accident, you likely will not be covered. Commercial insurance coverage is different from regular driver’s insurance, so make sure your friend knows this. This even holds true if you or your friend are looking at driving for a ride share program, such as Lyft or Uber. As a driver, you need commercial insurance for these services. 

How Often Will They be Using Your Car?

Is this going to become a regular occurrence? If so, you need to look at changing your insurance to include the individual. The more they drive the vehicle the greater the chance of something happening to the vehicle. To protect both you and your friend, if using your vehicle becomes the norm, you need to look at adding them to your insurance package.