Why You Need an Independent Insurance Agent

Finding the right insurance is more than just choosing the right company. It is also about finding coverage that meets your specific needs. An independent insurance agent will be able to help you find the right company and the right policy.

Personalized Services

When you choose an independent insurance agent they will become your consultant and advisor for all of your insurance needs. You can rest assured that all of your assets will be protected at all times.

If you need to make a claim on your policy, an independent insurance agent will contact the insurance company for you. There is no need to make a dozen phone calls and be put on hold several times in order to make your claim. Your independent insurance agent will take care of everything for you.

These agents are committed to your customer satisfaction. An independent insurance agent works for you and your business is necessary for their livelihood. When you choose an independent insurance agent you know that they will work hard to make sure that you receive the best coverage possible for the price

Provides Protection

If you choose to go directly to an insurance company you will not have a licensed and insured agent acting on your behalf. This means that if you make a mistake on your coverage decisions, you are fully responsible. An independent insurance agent provides a safety net for your insurance coverage needs. These individuals are fully educated in the complicated subject of insurance policies. When you choose an independent agent you gain access to their knowledge of state laws regarding insurance. This knowledge is one of the most important reasons to choose an independent insurance agent.

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Home Liability Coverage Options In Jollyville, TX

When you live in Jollyville, Texas, you likely have homeowner’s insurance as it can provide a significant amount of protection for your home. Home liability coverage is included within your policy in most instances, and there are additional coverage options that can protect you.

As a homeowner, you are responsible if someone gets injured on your property. This can range from a slip and fall to a dog bite. Understanding your financial responsibilities to the injured party is critical when selecting the various coverage options.

Medical bills are among the expenses that you would otherwise have to incur. Even if a person has health insurance, you may be held responsible for the many expensive, particularly if the injury is a result of your negligence.

There may also be legal expenses. If a person sues you because of their accident, you will need to hire a lawyer. Home liability coverage has the ability to provide coverage for these expenses, even if you are found to be responsible.

Once lawyers get involved, it can end up getting more expensive. There may be a pain and suffering settlement that is given to the person who was injured on your property. These settlements can be very high, particularly if the person had a traumatic experience at your home.

Some of the other expenses that you may have to incur include lost wages, and even the possibility of death benefits, should the accident prove to be fatal. With the right home liability coverage in place, you likely won’t have to pay anything out of pocket.

At Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency, we can talk to you about the home liability coverage options that are available within homeowner’s insurance policies. We work with some of the premier insurance companies in Texas to bring you better coverage and affordable premiums.