What Your Commercial Insurance Policy is Telling You

If you want to visit a vibrant, exciting city, come to Austin, Texas. We are an eclectic mix of music, art, food and fun. Businesses here offer just about everything imaginable. If you are a business owner in the area, you need to be imaginative and provide excellent service. You should also be listening to what your commercial insurance policy is telling you.

In order to know what your commercial insurance policy is telling you, you need to listen. Of course many business owners in Austin haven’t reviewed their insurance policies in years. They may have grown but their commercial insurance policy may not have grown with them. This is just one of the problems with not having a periodic review. Some businesses are overpaying because rates may have actually dropped. But as long as they keep renewing, they will pay the higher price.

Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency believes it is time to start listening to what your commercial policy is telling you. It may be telling you that the difference between basic form vs special form is too great to risk settling for basic form. It may be telling you your coverage is inadequate. It may be saying “Hey, you are paying too much!”

When you contact Ty Lawrence Insurance, we will be more than happy to provide a no obligation insurance review. We will even quote you from multiple companies who may be able to save you money. There is nothing to lose and better protect and savings to gain.

Visit our website for a comparative quote on your auto or homeowners insurance. We think you’ll see what the power of working with an independent insurance agency can do for you. For commercial insurance quotes, contact us. Listen to what your commercial insurance policy is telling you. It may be telling you that you can save with the Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency.

Social Media, Risks, and Insurance

Austin, Texas is the 11th largest city in the entire United States. As the capital of Texas, there are a lot of things to do to have fun and remain productive. For local business owners, a large population like that of Austin translates to huge revenues when they effectively reach their audience. To realize more profits, many businesses are incorporating social media marketing to communicate with their local audience and customers in other geographic regions. This is a great strategy to grow any business, but there are some risks to be aware of when reaching out to people online. You should consider the following when you launch your social media strategy so that your business is not exposed to legal issues.

Speak on Business Matters Only
Many people post about many controversial subjects on social sites, but your business should always remain strategic; stick to business matters only when posting. By keeping your business objectives at the forefront of your social media strategy, you will ensure that you are not offending any of your customers.

Post Factual Information
Consumers visit business social sites to get more information about the company’s brand. They may be looking for information, discounts, or innovations within the industry, and you should be their informant. Your post should focus on meeting their needs, as you do with your products and services do in the business world.

Share Growth and Achievements
Of course, your customers want to hear about the successes you’ve had in a business. It is human nature for your customers to desire to belong to a winning organization. In fact, the more you share the success of your brand, the more attention you will bring to your social sites and the website for your business. 

Businesses must steer clear of controversial subjects on social media platforms to prevent possible litigation. When you incorporate social media marketing into your marketing strategy, it is important to be the expert and provide valuable knowledge your customers need. If you have questions about stating claims or talking about competitors, talk to our local agents and a lawyer to ensure you are not exposing your company to legal issues and you have the right commercial insurance to protect your business.