Homeowners Personal Injury Claim in Jollyville

You might not be so happy in Jollyville when you receive that certified letter saying the pizza delivery kid hired an attorney for a personal injury claim after he tripped on the loose board on your porch steps a month ago. Then you learn he had to have surgery on the wrist fracture from the fall, and that he has permanent hardware inside of it. It’s his right wrist and he’s right handed.

If you have standard homeowners insurance, take a look at your liability coverage. Maybe you have enough coverage for the pizza kid but if the cable guy falls from a ladder because your gutter was loose, you’re looking at some serious damages. You could get stuck with the excess of a $100,000 liability policy when a $250,000 judgment is entered against you.

We’re independent insurance agents. We live in and around the greater Austin area, and service Jollyville too. You’ve worked hard for your family and home, and we want to see you fully covered all the way around. We’re responsible and contributing members of our communities who give you objective and unbiased information in helping you with your insurance needs. Because we can draw multiple insurers, we can give you choices of your insurer, coverage and how premiums might be paid. We can even set you up with umbrella coverage if you’re worried about any really large personal injury claims arising.

Agents for the "big three" can’t give you the choices that we give you. They’re just not permitted to. They’re tied to one insurance company. We work with many highly rated insurers. Whether you’re buying your first home or just window shopping for better rates around Texas Zip Code 78729, call us. We’re happy to talk to you.

Life In Austin, Texas: Do I Have To Worry About A Sinking Foundation?

Austin, Texas is a bustling metropolitan with many things to see and do. From Lady Bird Lake to Barton Springs Pool, various recreational opportunities are available. Throughout downtown, there are also various entertainment venues.

As a homeowner in Austin, you want to make sure you obtain a homeowners insurance policy that protects you against any and all situations that could occur on your property. A sinking foundation is not something most people think of, but if it occurs on your property, it could result in significant amounts of damage.

The main reason that a sinking foundation occurs is as a result of poor drainage. When too much water sits around the base of the home, it can cause the foundation to sink – sometimes several inches. If this happens, then the foundation could crack, allowing water into the home. It can also cause cracks along the wall, a porch to fall, and more.

You don’t want to be financially responsible for fixing the foundation problems on your home in Texas. It can be expensive and that’s what you have homeowner’s insurance for. You will be able to file a claim with the insurance company as long as you have coverage for a sinking foundation – and this will be within the fine print of your policy.

It can be difficult to know if other homes in your area have experienced sinking foundations. It can also be difficult to figure out exactly what kind of policy and coverage you need for your home in Austin. When you call and talk to one of our agents, you can obtain the needed help to buy homeowner’s insurance.

Call us today and let us get quotes from multiple companies to make it easy to compare and buy an affordable policy.