A Sinking Porch In Texas: What To Do

Texas is known for being the land of cowboys and cattle. There are a number of metropolitan cities and within each of the cities and beyond, there are many homeowners. The homes can range from ranches to single family homes and everything in between.

Finding homeowners insurance is a must because you need protection against all that can happen. Fire, flood, and theft are some of the standards covered within your policy, but what about some of the not so standard things?

A sinking porch means that the foundation is starting to sink into the ground and this can lead to all sorts of problems. It is usually noticed with the porch first and if the ground is not stabilized, it can lead to cracks in the foundation, in the walls of your home, and more.

You will want to do a few things:

1. Contact a restoration company for inspection

2. Take the report and forward to your homeowner’s insurance company

3. Apply for a claim to pay for the repairs

You cannot always get a claim paid for. If it’s not covered in your policy, the company isn’t going to pay. This means you have to look and see what is and is not covered on your policy in Texas. A sinking porch and foundation problems can spell big trouble and be expensive, so you want to be sure it is covered – and one of our agents can help.

Don’t be one of those people who have no idea what’s included within their homeowner’s insurance policy. Various add-ons exist so you can customize a policy and get the coverage you need. This ensures you get the coverage for your home in Texas without having to worry about the “what if” scenarios. Call today and talk to an agent!