Do You Have to Take the Course for Motorcycle Safety to get Texas Motorcycle Insurance?

Maybe you want to buy this beautiful new motorcycle available in Dripping Springs, TX but you don’t have a motorcycle license.  Will you need to take a motorcycle safety course in order to get a motorcycle insurance policy from Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency? Let’s sort out the actual facts.

The Course is Required to Get a Motorcycle License

When you register any motor vehicle in Texas, you must have a driver’s license and proper insurance. However, in order to get a motorcycle license in Texas, you are required to take the state approved Course for Motorcycle Safety.  So, in the long run, the answer to the question is yes.

Learning to Ride Before You Get Your License

If you are still under the age of 18 and have never earned your Class B license, you can take the Basic Course with only your learner’s permit. After the completion of the Course, you will be eligible to get your Class M motorcycle license, which will allow you to register and insure your motorcycle. 

Advanced Courses for Experienced Riders

If you are over the age of 18 and have a current Class B Texas license, you are eligible to take the Intermediate Course. You will bring your own bike and helmet and at the end of the course, you will be eligible for your motorcycle license. The Intermediate Course lasts one day. If you have a Class M license and simply want to improve your riding skills, there is an Advanced Course available. 

In the end, it is always a good idea to take a motorcycle safety course whenever you buy a new bike. It is required in order to get your Class M license and to register and insure your first Dripping Springs, TX cycle. Call us at Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency for a quote for motorcycle insurance today.

Myths about Umbrella Insurance

There are a number of misconceptions about umbrella insurance in Dripping Springs, TX, and believing these myths can prevent you from having extra protection.

Myth 1: Umbrella insurance is the first line of coverage.

Umbrella insurance doesn’t kick in until the other primary insurance policies are used. You aren’t able to purchase umbrella insurance through Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency unless you already have a primary policy.

Myth 2: Umbrella insurance is only for the wealthy.

Anybody can get sued in today’s society, making an umbrella policy even more important for the average individual. In fact, the wealthy may have more resources in order to fight a lawsuit, whereas someone who is struggling doesn’t. This makes having umbrella insurance even more important.

Myth 3: It’s too hard to get an umbrella policy.

This could be true if you are getting policies from different insurance companies because it could get more complicated. However, if you choose one insurance company, it will be much easier and you could save money by bundling your policies.

Myth 4:  They are too expensive.

Many times it will be cheaper to get an umbrella policy instead of raising the limits on the primary auto and home policies. You typically want to have a $1 million in liability coverage, even if you don’t have as many assets, because any future assets could be at risk.

Myth 5: There are too many exclusions.

Every policy does have its exclusions, but an umbrella policy can provide more coverage that you wouldn’t normally get with a regular home insurance policy. This extra coverage includes protection against slander and libel.

Myth 6: Other policies will provide the coverage you need.

An umbrella policy will provide an additional layer of coverage in addition to the items that aren’t typically covered under standard policies. One lawsuit could be enough to wipe out any financial standing without umbrella insurance.

Contact Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency, serving Dripping Springs, TX, to get a quote on umbrella insurance. 



How do you choose a life insurance policy?

One very important type of insurance that people in the Dripping Springs, TX area could use is life insurance. When you purchase life insurance, you will be purchasing a policy that will financially protect people that depend on you. While picking a life insurance policy can be complicated, there are a variety of tips that could help you get into the right policy for your situation.

Type of Life Insurance

The first factor to consider when you are shopping for life insurance is the type of policy that you want. The two most common types of life insurance are whole and term life. With a whole life policy, you will get coverage for your entire life and can even make money through investment returns. 

With a term life policy, you can get much more coverage for a lower fee, but will only be covered during the term of the policy. This policy also does not have any investment benefits but is often preferred by people that are looking for the most coverage for the lowest monthly cost. 

Amount of Coverage

You also need to consider how much coverage that you need. There are many factors that influence this including your current income, future expenses, and current assets. Going through this process will help you to determine how much coverage you need to have under your life insurance policy. 

For those that are in the Dripping Springs, TX area, choosing the right life insurance policy can be tricky. If you are struggling to pick the right policy, reaching out to the Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency could be a great first step. The team at the Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency will help you better understand your insurance needs and then explain your policy options.  

Can I Drive my Commercial Vehicle while I’m not Working?

A common question when it comes to commercial auto insurance is whether or not you can use your commercial vehicle during non-working hours in Dripping Springs, TX. The short answer is yes, however, you’ll want to be sure you follow some very important rules first. Read on to learn more about this subject.

Only You can Drive the Vehicle

If you have the perk of having a company vehicle, chances are you drive it when you’re not working. While this may be fine, per your employee and your insurance coverage, it is not ok to let anyone else drive the vehicle, during working hours or non-working hours. That means you can’t let your spouse borrow the car or truck, even if they want to take a quick ride down the road to grab some milk. If an accident were to occur, the driver would not be covered.

Be Sure You are Insured

In order to drive your company vehicle after hours, you’ll need to make sure you are covered. Your employer may have included a stipulation that you need to have personal auto insurance on the vehicle in order to drive it on the weekends or other non-working hours. 

Contact a Reputable Insurance Agency

Still not sure if you’re completely covered when driving after hours? Contact the reputable agents at Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency serving the Dripping Springs, TX area. They will be able to answer all of your questions and concerns about this matter and help you make sure you are covered 24/7. To learn more about commercial coverage on company vehicles, contact the team at Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency today. 

How Ty Lawrence Agency Serving Dripping Spring Tx Covers For Flood Damage

Most home insurance policies cover for damage done to your home due to flooding. This can be up to the rebuild value of your home. And if you have a contents insurance policies, this would cover for your belongings. This means that if your home is destroyed by flooding, you can claim home insurance policy to pay for the necessary repairs and have your personal possessions replaced. The Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency serving Dripping Springs, TX provide home insurance policy which covers for damage caused by flooding.

Home insurance could cover for repairing your property, drying out of your home and the removal of debris that is brought into your home by flood water. In the event that your home becomes uninhabitable, this insurance policy can also provide alternative accommodation. Flood damage is when a normally dry land become inundated by water or mudflow. 

It is important that before you move into a new home, that you confirm that house is not at risk of flooding. You can confirm this by checking a flood risk map. Different government agencies make available flood maps to pre-inform inhabitants of the flood risk they face. Aside from reading flood maps, you can also speak to locals and owners of neighboring properties to find out if there has been an incident of flooding in the recent past. 

Although it may be a little difficult to find an insurance company that would be willing to cover you if you are located in a flood-prone region, there would still be some insurers that would be willing to, not only cover you but provide affordable policy. 

Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency serving Dripping Springs, TX and surrounding areas, is one of such insurers. Not only does the company protect your interest if you are located in a flood-prone region, but they also offer very affordable policy. In order to know more about the company and their offering, you can visit their website. 

Getting Auto Insurance for Your Teenager

Adding a teenager to your auto insurance policy in Dripping Springs, TX can cause auto insurance rates to rise, but you can control these increases with some tips. You have to insure your teen driver and you need to let your agent at Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency know when your teen gets his or her learner’s permit, but they typically aren’t added until they are licensed. The reasons why teens are so expensive to insure is they are typically the most dangerous drivers on the road.

Have Your Teen Drive a Cheaper Car: If your household has multiple cars, then having your teen assigned to the cheapest to insure will help you save money. Vehicles with lower insurance losses will usually have lower insurance rates and provide more protection for your teen. You can use the IIHS website to determine the best cars for teen drivers.

Encourage Good Grades: Many insurance companies will offer good student discounts, so encourage your teen to have at least a B average if they want to be able to drive.

Look for Other Discounts: Other insurance companies will offer discounts if your teen will complete a driver’s education course and you may be able to save money by bundling other insurance policies, such as home and life insurance. You may also get a discount if you install a monitoring device in the car that can alert you if the teen is doing something they aren’t supposed to be doing, like speeding or not using their seat belt.

If your teenager is going to be heading off to college more than 100 miles from home and won’t have a car, you can get a break on insurance because he or she isn’t going to be regularly operating the car, but they are still able to drive when home on breaks.

Contact Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency, serving Dripping Springs, TX, to get a quote on auto insurance. 


Getting an RV this Christmas? Protect Your Investment with RV Insurance

If you love to travel, an RV could be the best Christmas present you ever receive. RVs give you the freedom of exploring Texas and beyond in comfort and style. Before taking off on your first road trip, protect your investment with RV insurance. At Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency in Dripping Springs, TX, we can help you choose the coverage you need. Here’s how RV insurance works to safeguard your new RV investment.  

RV Protection

Although RV travels can be stimulating and enjoyable, there’s always a risk of accidents when traveling on the road. RV collision and comprehensive insurance can help cover the cost of damage to your vehicle in the event of an accident. Collision coverage helps pay for damage to your RV if you accidentally crash into another vehicle; comprehensive insurance covers damage caused by adverse weather or vandalism. You can get more from your valuable investment by protecting it with insurance coverage.

Contents (Personal Property) Protection  

One of the greatest advantages of traveling in an RV is having room to bring more personal goods and toys. Personal property coverage protects these goods from damage or theft while you’re on the road. If you’re traveling with costly goods such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, designer clothes, etc., this protection can be a lifesaver if your vehicle is broken into while you’re hiking, river rafting or taking in the sights. With replacement coverage, we will cover the cost of replacing your goods if they are stolen or lost.


RV liability coverage is mandatory in Texas as it protects other drivers in accidents you cause. Without personal injury and property damage liability, you could be sued for injuries or damages you cause others in an accident that’s your fault. With liability coverage, you can travel stress-free knowing you’re protected against unforeseen disasters on the road.

To learn more about RV insurance options and costs, contact us at Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency, Dripping Springs, TX.  


3 Reasons for Having ATV Insurance

If you live in the Dripping Springs, TX area and drive ATVs as part of your business or simply for pleasure, it’s necessary to make sure you are fully protected with the right insurance policy. The agents of Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency can give you many reasons why you should have your ATV fully insured. 

Protects You

ATV insurance protects you from specific forms of liability if you are involved in an accident and property is damaged. Whether the accident was your fault or the fault of someone or something else, your injuries and liability will be covered. Having insurance is a must if you plan on taking your ATV onto public lands or if you are camping on private land. 

Protects Others

Having the right ATV policy also ensures that others are covered as well when it comes to injuries and damages. The right insurance policy can save you from financial loss if someone gets hurt while they are riding on your ATV or if you lose control of your ATV. Talk to your insurance agent to ensure you always have the proper coverage. 

Protects Your ATV

Insuring your ATV while it is in storage is also beneficial. If you store your ATV while it isn’t in use, your insurance will help to cover any damage it may incur while it isn’t being used. While this may seem the perfect time to drop your coverage maintaining your policy could save you money if the ATV is damaged in any way. Damage can be caused by falling debris and vandals. ATVs are often stolen from storage areas.

The agents of Ty Lawrence Insurance are always available to residents who live in the Dripping Springs, TX area. They can answer your questions and discuss the types of insurance policies that are available for ATVs and other recreational vehicles. Make sure you are fully protected at all times!

Umbrella insurance coverage options in Austin, TX

Business, as well as property owners in Austin, TX, have a reason to smile as they have yet another chance to protect themselves and their businesses.  Umbrella insurance or excess liability coverage ensure that you’re completely covered by providing extra coverage beyond the primary home, boat, motorcycle, condo, commercial and other fundamental insurance policies.

At Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency, we recommend this insurance to individuals who needs extra protection and those with valuable assets and properties or big businesses that may need extra cover. We also provide guidance on which package best suits your needs based on what you own. So what are the coverage options available for umbrella insurance?

  • Property damage: Protect your property from damages or destruction that may come up as a result car crash, fire or burglary.
  • Bodily injury coverage: This policy covers medical bills that may come up due to injuries that your guests or neighbors may sustain while at your home. 
  • Libel or slander: In case you land on a lawsuit whereby you have been sued by another party for something you did, say or wrote, this policy helps provide the necessary protection.
  • Landlord: As a landlord, you may not limit the number of guests who enter your property. You may also not be able to prevent falls, slides, and damages by your tenants and as a result, some may get injured and sue you for the injuries.

It is quite substantial to keep in mind that umbrella insurance cannot be used as it is—it is not self-independent. This policy only acts as additional coverage whereby the standard home or auto insurance must be used and exhausted before embarking on umbrella insurance. To know more about how you can add coverages for your assets, insurance experts from Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency can help you. Call us or visit us in Austin, TX today.

Other Motorcycle Insurance Coverage in Austin TX

Besides basic and liability insurance, you should consider other types of insurance to cover you, your passengers and your bike. Your Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency representative can help you talk through the required "Big Three" types of insurance as well as the optional coverage you should consider. Meanwhile, here’s more information to get you started.

The Big Three Coverages

Just like cars or other vehicles, motorcycles must be covered for the following in the state of Texas:

  • Comprehensive Physical Damage Insurance covers your bike if it’s damaged or stolen in a non-accident related event.
  • Collision Insurance covers damage to your bike after a traffic accident.
  • Property Damage and Bodily Injury Liability Insurance covers other people and their vehicles hurt or damaged in an accident you cause.

Other Coverage for Your Motorcycle

The following coverage types aren’t strictly required but are well worth your consideration. If you have a loan on your bike, your lender may require coverage beyond what’s legally required. You may also want additional coverage suited to your lifestyle and driving habits.

Property damage insurance coverage is a form of liability coverage that takes care of damage to other people’s property due to an accident you cause. Motorcycle property damage liability insurance covers more than most auto policies, including: 

  • Pets
  • Utility poles
  • Houses
  • Flagpoles
  • Mailboxes
  • Fences
  • Garages

Medical payments insurance pays for the medical-related expenses you incur and covers you even if an accident is your fault. It doesn’t cover injuries to others you caused in an accident. 

Personal Injury Protection insurance pays for injuries received by yourself or one of your passengers in an accident, regardless of fault.

Uninsured/Underinsured insurance offers financial protection when an uninsured motorist hits you. If the at-fault motorist who hit you is in underinsured, this coverage makes up the difference.

Contact your Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency representative to schedule a time to sit down and discuss your best motorcycle coverage options in Austin, TX.