What Motorcycle Safety Gear is Required in Texas?

Before you hit the road this summer for that epic road trip on your new motorcycle, Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency is here to provide you with some tips to help you stay safe and informed.  Whether you are in Austin, TX or cruising the interstates, you can avoid receiving a ticket by following some simple safety gear rules and regulations.

Under 21 Must Wear a Helmet

If you haven’t celebrated your twenty-first birthday, you must wear a helmet whether you are driving or riding on a motorcycle according to Texas law.  If you are taking your kid brother across town for some ice cream, remember that passengers must be at least five years of age.

Over 21 Must Meet State Safety and Health Requirements

If you are no longer a minor, the state requires that you either wear a helmet or provide proof you have completed a motorcycle operator safety training course and are enrolled in a motorcycle health insurance program.  While you can’t be pulled over just to check your compliance, failure to adhere to these regulations can result in burdening you with all the costs associated with an accident.

Extra Gear is Always a Good Idea

Since Texas is leaving the responsibility for your health in your hands, don’t forget that a helmet is only one part of body protection every good rider should wear. Motorcycle impact vests or jackets protect your spine in case of a spill while wearing leather pants can help reduce road rash when you get dumped.  Boots protect your feet from casual impact with the road and help to prevent burns from hot parts on your ride. 

Should you have any questions about motorcycle insurance and are in the Austin, TX area, give the friendly and knowledgeable agents at Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency a call. They’ll be glad to help.

Theft Insurance For A Convience Store

Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency knows that Austin, TX gas station owners are afraid of losing a lot of money due to a robbery. Thankfully, there is plenty of theft insurance options to protect you from this troubling situation. With our help, you can better understand the dangers of not owning this type of insurance.

Theft Insurance Comes With Many Commercial Packages

Gas stations purchase insurance options under what is known as a grocery or retail package. This type of insurance is designed to protect these stores from a variety of different problems. For example, it covers liability from lawsuits as well as loss of income. However, it also covers property and damage or theft to it.

This type of insurance policy is very important for gas station owners because it can help protect them from a serious loss in a robbery. It also helps protect their employees from feeling the need to be a hero in robberies. Instead, they can just give over money safe in the knowledge that you are covered.

It Also Protects Your Well-Being

But what happens if you or one of your employees are injured during a robbery at your gas station? There are plenty of coverage options for this problem. For example, workers compensation can help keep them afloat until they are ready to work again. Loss of income insurance like this is essential for both you and your employees.

Also, you can purchase utility interruption insurance in case that thieves somehow affect the operation of crucial utilities in your business. As a result, you can get compensation if your store needs to be shut down temporarily to repair these systems.    

Covering Your Gas Station Properly

So if your Austin, TX gas station needs great theft insurance options, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency. Our agents are skilled at identifying your needs, finding a policy that works for you, and ensuring your gas station is safe.

Things to Look Out For When Getting Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle insurance it’s a legal requirement in most states and it is also an important tool that protects you and the motorcycle in case of an accident or theft. In Austin, TX motorcycle insurance is a legal requirement that every rider must have. But before you get a motorcycle insurance there are a few things you need to look at and you can also contact Ty Lawrence insurance agency for more information.

Get multiple insurance quotes

Before you purchase any motorcycle insurance, it is wise for you to shop around and get multiple insurance quotes before you can settle on the one that suits your specifications. There are multiple insurance agencies online you can look around and get as must information as possible, but if you live in Austin, TX, you can contact Ty Lawrence insurance agency to help you with details on which insurance best suits you.

Choose a motorcycle insurance provider

Once you have the insurance quotes you can now narrow down to one specific insurance provider that suits your specifications and that offers the best in terms of customer service and claims handling. One common mistake a lot of people tend to commit is choosing a cheap insurance which does not necessarily turn out to be the best. When you are choosing a motorcycle insurance you should consider; its ease of handling claims, broadness stability, longevity, financial stability, fairness in handling claims, customer service and agents.

Confirm with your auto insurance company

If you already have auto insurance, it is recommended that you confirm with insurance provider company if they offer motorcycle insurance. This will earn you a discount on the insurance package cost and save you time as well. Buy both motorcycle and auto insurances from the same insurance agency will be easier.


If I Let a Friend Borrow My ATV Will They Be Covered Under My Insurance?

Picture this: you’re heading out on the trails with your ATVs. Everyone’s excited for a day of fun, but one friend doesn’t have their own vehicle. You happen to have two, so you offer to let them borrow one.

Only a few minutes into your trip, however, they get into an accident. Your vehicle and someone else’s are damaged. Several people are hurt, and you’re all left with loads of questions about who’s responsible.

This is quite a common occurrence, and it can cause a lot of confusion. Who is responsible if a borrowed ATV in involved in an accident? Will the driver be covered under your insurance?

The bottom line here is that it all depends on your insurance plan and the insurance plan of the person who borrowed your car. For the most part, if it’s a simple crash, your insurance will cover damages to your ATV as long as you gave express permission for the other person to drive the vehicle.

On the other hand, it gets more complicated when extreme damage expenses and medical expenses come into play. For all of these reasons, it’s essential not to be too cavalier about lending out your ATV, and it’s also essential to know the ins and outs of your ATV insurance plan.

Talk to Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency About ATV Insurance

If you are an Austin, TX resident and currently have an uninsured ATV, contact Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency about a plan for your vehicle. We cover residents of Austin, TX and we can help you find a plan that works for you. We’ll also help you understand all its details so that you understand the risks and protections you have when it comes to loaning out your vehicle. Give us a call today to learn more. 

In Austin, TX: Does RV Insurance Coverage Damages Received in a Traffic Accident?

In Austin, TX, the agents at Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency offer several different types of RV insurance. Making sure you are fully insured while you are on vacation or traveling away from home will make it easier to fully enjoy yourself. It’s extremely important you understand what your RV insurance covers and how well you’re protected before you take off on your adventure. This will eliminate any misunderstandings or miscommunications if you are involved in any type of vehicle accident.

A recreational vehicle that operates like a regular vehicle normally requires an insurance policy along the same parameters. Unlike truck campers and pull-behind campers that are often covered under your towing vehicle’s insurance policy, an RV requires its own simply because you operate it on highways and other roadways just as you would a smaller car or truck. For all intents and purposes, an RV is another vehicle that on the highway and must be insured as such or you could possibly face a hefty ticket or fine.

Your RV insurance will cover the same things as a conventional insurance policy including collision repair, bodily injury, property damage and additional comprehensive coverage that covers other losses such as theft and fire damage. A mid-size van or bus-size RV is a major investment. Purchasing adequate insurance coverage prevents you from taking a major financial loss if it is damaged in an accident. These policies also protect you if someone else was injured in the accident.

The agents at Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency serve residents throughout the Austin, TX area as well as many of the surrounding communities. If you are researching RV insurance and would like to know what those policies cover, you will get the best advice by discussing your options with a qualified agent. 

What Does Motorcycle Insurance Cover?

There are different types of motorcycle insurance policies, with the standard one providing coverage for bodily injury and property damage liability. There are also additional coverage options that could be included or will be made available for riders to purchase. In Austin, TX, all riders are required by law to have a motorcycle insurance cover. If you wish to learn more about the coverage options available or would like to purchase insurance, kindly contact Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency.

Bodily injury and property damage liability

This policy will only cover bodily injury and property damage if the actions of the rider while operating their vehicle results in such. It is important to note that it does not cover the motorcycle or the rider. In Texas, it is required by law that motorcycle riders have this coverage.

Uninsured and underinsured motorists

This is an optional coverage that you can add to your policy. The coverage is designed to cover you and the motorcycle by a driver who is not adequately insured or does not have any insurance. In case they are underinsured, this coverage will pick from where their insurance leaves off.

Medical payments

In case you or your passenger is injured while on the motorcycle, this coverage will cover your medical expenses. In case of an accident, the rider will be covered regardless of whose fault it was.

Collision and comprehensive

This coverage comes in when your motorcycle collides with another vehicle or object on the road. The amount paid will go towards repairing or replacing your motorcycle. However, it will be less your deductible.

Additional coverage

Some insurers may add extra coverage packages in a bid to entice customers to buy their products.

At Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency, we strive to provide affordable insurance policies to our clients. Please contact us to discuss how we can plan the most suitable coverage plan to meet your needs.

Reasons You Should Be Thinking About an Umbrella

If you live in the Austin TX area, you may be curious if you need umbrella insurance. If you believe umbrella insurance is for the rich, this is incorrect.  Umbrella insurance is a policy that extends over and above your other insurance policies. Accidents happen frequently, and you never know when you or your loved one may be found responsible for an accident. 

You have a pool party, and someone dives into the shallow end breaking their neck. Your son has a car accident and causes severe injury to his passenger.  A friend has too many alcoholic beverages at your home and seriously injures a pedestrian on the way home. These are simple examples of why you should be thinking about umbrella insurance because in each case, the liability may easily exceed your homeowner, auto, renters, or other insurance policy.

The umbrella coverage is there to kick in when your other policy involved reaches its limits. The extension provided can help protect your property and financially. Umbrella insurance can also cover situations that do not fall under other policies. For example, it can include personal injury due to a false arrest, false imprisonment, a wrongful eviction, malicious prosecution, slander, or cases of defamation of character. 

You never know when you may have one of these situations or be connected with a severe injury that can quickly use up your other policy’s coverage. An umbrella policy makes it easy to feel secure that your assets are covered.

Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency

At Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency is committed to finding the best deals available for those in the Austin, TX area. We do the work, and you get to enjoy your free time. Contact us today to find the best umbrella for you.

Why Life Insurance Can be a Safe Investment

Austin, TX is certainly one of the hottest towns in the nation. Plenty of jobs, top-notch restaurants and amazing diversity make the city the place to be in Texas.

Yet, many residents fail to realize their financial dreams. Many dabble in stocks, bonds, and precious metals. Before long they realize their mistake. The market eats them alive. Even starting a business can lead to disaster. Consumers are fickle. They love you one day and hate you the next.

The smarter move goes with a more conventional means of accumulating wealth. You can just purchase life insurance and relax. No need to reinvent the wheel here. Successful folks have been doing this for generations.

Safer Than Buying Stocks and Bonds

Many Texans purchase stocks and bonds, hoping to increase their wealth. They may also buy real estate and then sell it quickly, a process known as house flipping.

It is all-too-common for these sorts of risk takers to wind up in debt. The financial markets are very volatile. For example, you never know when some geopolitical event half-way across the world will affect the price of your stock. Guess, what? You could lose everything you invested and still owe more in taxes!

Life insurance is a safer bet. The policy has real value that does not depend on the health of the overall global economy or government decisions. Fortunately, Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency can help you get started.

You Can Buy When Young and Keep It

You cannot lose life insurance later even if your health gets bad or when old age sets in. These policies are for life. This is why experts always suggest buying young and holding onto policies.

Get More Information

You should contact the helpful staff at the Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency today for more information about life insurance in Austin, TX and beyond. This personal investment is stress-free.


Cornering Commercial Insurance: Narrowing Down Your Policy to the Essentials

As you might imagine, commercial insurance in Austin, TX can get very complicated, very quickly. A Fortune 500 company will have very different needs than a small, family-owned business, yet both need to take care of their property, their holdings, and their employees. Here are a few major factors that apply to every business that should be considered before choosing a policy from your friends at Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency. 


Any customer who walks into your physical establishment can become injured, or could be hurt if they’re sold a faulty product. Having the insurance to cover this, plus any lawsuits for additional claims, is a must.


Should anything happen to your building, the grounds, or the products that you carry, you need to be certain you have the insurance in place to protect against further loss (e.g., replacement or repairs.)

Loss of Income 

If your business is out of commission for a natural disaster, then you need a way to cover all the money that you’re not making. If your building burns down for example, you may not be able to operate it for several months. 

Employee Coverage 

It’s your responsibility to protect your employees should they be injured when they’re on the job. Typically, you’ll need to cover those injuries even if the employee was negligent at the time of the incident. 


If you have a computer, then you’re at risk for cyber theft. If you have a physical establishment of equipment in Austin, TX, you’re at risk for general theft. 

Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency can help you decide on a commercial insurance policy for you besides just the essential coverage. Use this list as a starting point, and then give us a call to fill in the gaps. 

Home Insurance and Central Air Conditioning

If you live in Austin, TX, you know that the summers are hot. What you may not know is that most home insurance policies don’t cover air conditioner repair or replacement. This is a problem, but what can you do? How can you protect your air conditioner? Here are a few ways to ensure you stay cool in the summer months: 

  • Purchase equipment breakdown and/or major appliance insurance coverage.  With these policies, your air conditioner, refrigerator, and other major appliances will be covered in a variety of situations. During the fiercest storms and the warmest days, you’ll rest easy knowing your home will remain cool. 
  • Schedule annual or semi-annual air conditioning inspections. For a few hundred dollars, you can have a trained professional come out and check on the health of your air conditioning unit. You may not need to do this every year, but it’s a good idea to schedule an inspection at least once every few years. It’s much cheaper to replace parts than it is to buy an entire new appliance. 
  • Remove debris and clean your air conditioning unit. Oftentimes, your air conditioner may not work properly because it’s obstructed by debris. If you’re handy, you can do this yourself. If you’re not, it’s not hard to find someone you can pay to clean it for you. Within a few minutes, you can remove all of the filth and extend the life of your AC. 

If you live in or around Austin, TX, contact Ty Lawrence Insurance Agency at 512-732-2353. They can answer any questions you may have, and they’ll explain what you can do to protect your air conditioner. Don’t wait for the summer heat to arrive, act now.